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OMG Did You Know........ [16 Feb 2006|12:39pm]

[ mood | gossipy ]

that Jordan has a weave???

and that he just got first place in a tango competition in Detroit?

that he and Randy are secretly in love and planning on running away to England to get married?

and that he cried tears of joy when he received his gift from Sarah from Guatemala?


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three things: [06 Jul 2005|11:57pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

1. It's not that I don't like working with ryan...he is alright and he is a cool guy...but he is SOOOO slow and again I felt like I did all the work tonight. ugh.

2. stickering is stupid!!!!!!! it took us soooo long to sticker everything tonight and everyone just kept taking the stickers off right away once they got their drinks. not to mention that every time i went out to check the mixing station, there were stickers EVERYWHERE!

3. on a better note, the hot guy from dead sea salt kiosk came by and i started making his espresso for him as usual and he says, "Oh no, I just need water" (here comes the good part) and then he said "i got my espresso earlier today but it wasn't as good as usual. i think it was because you didn't make it. you always make it good." said hot guy with a cute smile. oh it was nice. and i know he flirts with like everyone and he probably has said that same thing to everyone else before...but it was still nice and made me all googly-eyed...

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i dunno if this is a vent or not [04 Jul 2005|07:45pm]

[ mood | tired ]

SO TIRED...today ended up being way busy at work! i sent andre home at like 2:30 cuz we weren't busy, then BOOM!! we did $1200+ in sales for the day, and it was 80% or more coolers, i'm sure. i'm not in a bad mood, though, cuz no one was a douchebag or anything. ANNNNND we got over $15 in tips, 9 real dollars each! rock!

happy 4th of july, everyone....i'm gonna eat a lot of food and watch fireworks!

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[29 Jun 2005|11:45am]

just had to post a slight annoyance and a little vent-rant thingy in this neglected community...lol...

so thursday is my last day off until NEXT SATURDAY. OMG. i think i might go crazy, no joke. i realize this is because becca and i own this weekend due to maureen and sarah taking off, AND i took off next weekend because i'm going to PA to see greg, but still. ugh. i mean, i half expected it because sarah told me she would give me at least 35-ish hours a week and she has, but starting next week it's like: close, open, close, open, and i HATE those shifts. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

well, i know i work with cool people for a lot of those days so it will be ok, but it's like...caribou overload! so now i am determined to really enjoy thursday because descending into caribou madness. and it will be awesome to spend 2 entire days with greg, free of any sort of work.

sorry if this entry was a little strange, i woke up like 15 minutes ago. so late! i usually wake up with the sun, but since it was cloudy i slept and slept. oh well....
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Yes..it's been done so many times...but I was bored... [16 Jun 2005|09:24pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Today I was thinking about the many annoyances we have as employees of Caribou Coffee...I decided to see how many I could come up with. I got 37. Here they are. Read them if you like or if not, just ignore this massive post.

How to not be an idiot customer, some rules and regulations:

1. I am not an information desk- do NOT ask me where Victoria’s Secret is, where the food court moved to, or how to get to the nearest bathroom unless you are a paying customer. And NEVER cut into a conversation I am having with an actual, paying customer in order to ask me this- don’t you have any manners???
2. Do not give me a tip and then proceed to remove the tip from the tip jar when your friend needs some change to pay for her drink. Again, manners??
3. On a similar note, do not assume our tip jar is a “take some money, leave some money” jar…you cannot just steal a penny or dime from our tip jar simply because you don’t feel like getting change back. Call it what you want, when you don’t ask permission, it is stealing- even if it is just a penny.
4. Do not ask for free cookies, coffee, coolers, or anything else free and don’t proceed to call me “stingy” when I tell you NO.
5. Don’t bitch about how expensive your drink is as you hand me your money to pay for it. If it is too expensive, don’t buy it.
6. Don’t follow me from the parking lot to the kiosk when I am coming in to open and expect to get a coffee right away. Doing this will simply prolong your odds of getting coffee early at all.
7. Don’t ask me to put the leftovers of your cooler in the blender in another cup for you. You bought a large and that is all you get- one large drink, no more and no less.
8. Do not complain to me that I didn’t give you your mall employee discount when you never told me you even were a mall employee and don’t wear a name tag. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t know the names and faces of every mall employee there is.
9. Stop calling our coolers iced cappuccinos! Don’t you know there is no such thing as an iced cap? Curse Tim Horton’s!!
10. I don’t recommend allowing your 10 year old son or daughter to order a large coffee cooler unless you were hoping to stay up all night with them.
11. Excuse me Ms. Thirteen year-old-diva adorned in “Limited Too” clothing but you do not know what a French vanilla cappuccino REALLY is and as I give it to you, I can’t wait to hear you comment on how it isn’t like the kind you got once at the gas station.
12. Our sizes come in small, medium, and large. Is it too much for you to order them as such?
13. Listen to me!! Do not simply stand at the register after I have already instructed you to pick up your drink around the counter.
14. Order your drinks on the side of the kiosk where the registers are at. I know because our kiosk is just a big rectangle, it is a little confusing…but usually looking for registers is a good indication of where to order and oh yes, to pay of course!
15. When I ask you how you are doing today, please do not ignore it and simply begin to order. I was always told to answer questions when they were asked of me. As usual, it is an issue of manners and having some.
16. When I ask you if you would like any cookies or brownies to go with your drink today, please don’t smile and say “Nice up-selling!”
17. When your total comes to $1.60 for your medium coffee, please don’t hand me a $20 when I can clearly see much smaller bills in your wallet.
18. Please do not come up and speak in one-word phrases to me. When you come up to the counter and all you say is, “hot cocoa,” I don’t always know what it is you are saying about hot cocoa. Do you want to order a hot cocoa? Are you asking me if we have hot cocoa? Is hot cocoa the only English word you know???
19. Yes, I know the saying on my apron is clever- you can stop telling me that now!
20. Please don’t think I am impressed when you say you need “the biggest size coffee you have.” I don’t care if you desperately need caffeine or if you just don’t know that a big size= large size. And then don’t go on to order that “biggest size” in decaf…
21. Please don’t get confused when I tell you that the blended version of the iced mocha is a chocolate cooler…doesn’t anyone know that “mocha” most commonly (but not in the case of Mocha Java of course!) refers to chocolate???
22. This may just be the golden rule on how not to be an idiot customer: NEVER EVER EVER place your drink order to me while you are talking on a cell phone!!!!!!! I am not dirt, I am a person and I would hope that you would treat me with respect rather than bark orders at me while you chat with your friend at the same time.
23. No, I cannot cut your brownie, muffin, croissant, or anything else in half for you. You have two hands that from what I can see appear to be working just fine so instead I will put the plastic knife in the bag for you to cut yourself. OK? This is number 2 on my list of biggest pet peeves.
24. Please refrain from dumping your coffee in the trash because it usually leaks through some tiny hole somewhere in the bag and leaves a long suspecting trail of muck on the floor from our kiosk to the dumpster.
25. If I accidentally make your drink wrong (as people do make mistakes from time to time), please just let me remake it for you seeing as how I politely will offer you a new drink. This seems like a better response then simply refusing the new drink and walking away in disgust with the wrong drink.
26. When you order decaf, trust that I will in fact make it decaf, as opposed to repeating “make sure it’s decaf” a billion times.
27. Do not threaten to never come here again just because I cannot accept your expired coupon. Rules are rules.
28. Stop telling me that I must drink a lot of coffee working here. I actually don’t and just because me and my co-workers are usually quite giddy, doesn’t mean we are constantly caffeinated.
29. We don’t sell flavored coffee so you can quit asking me what our “flavor” is today! And when I tell you that we can add flavors to our coffees, do not scowl at me in disgust as if drinking chemicalized coffee is much better than coffee with some syrup added to it.
30. Do not ask me why it says “I pick my nose” on one of the cooler concentrate containers.
31. Do not point to the pictures of the coolers and say, “Are these nasty?” How do you think I am going to answer this question?
32. Don’t assume you know anything about Caribou and its background unless you really do. For example when you say, “This company originated out of Alaska- didn’t it?”
33. Every rumor you have heard about where the next Caribou is going to be opened up in the Toledo area is false. Trust me, it is not even in the works yet and so you sound pretty foolish when you say, “I hear one of these is going to open up on the east side around Navarre Avenue.” Plus, why on earth would we open a Caribou on the east side of Toledo?
34. Stop buying pop from us!!! It is a major rip-off!
35. The mall closes at 9pm, which means we also close at 9pm- not 9:01, not 9:15, but 9pm- got it?
36. The display drinks are not real and if they were, they most certainly would melt right away. Just think before you ask next time.
37. I know it is called a “grab-n-go” and everything but please don’t let your children put there slimy hands all over everything up there only to mess it up and scream and shout “I want this” forty times.

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Psshh what promotion? [16 Jun 2005|12:04pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey guys, I know you all have a Caribou group for toledo, but what about Caribou in general?

Join the group!- caribou_coffee


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not much to say but same old, same old... [14 Jun 2005|09:55pm]

[ mood | coolered- out ]

i haven't posted in a bit...so why not???

tonight at work was fine. some highlights:
- we weren't very busy (or at least didn't seem too bad)...even though sales were higher this tuesday than last tuesday...but closing with sarah was a little boring.
- sarah bought me subway for dinner. yum.
- we sold 55 coolers per 100 customers today...duh!
- we took first place again in the cooler contest for last week...duh!
(who cares- right??)
- someone stole our fake (not real) oreo snowdrift model. finally...i have been waiting for that to happen.
- that's about all.... again, it was boring.

well i guess i am going to end this dreadfully boring entry. have a great night all. alas, a day off tomorrow...that makes me smile!!!

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Hey From VA [14 Jun 2005|12:57pm]

[ mood | Caffiene High ]

Hey fellow Caribou-workers.

You won't know who I am BUT I DO work in a Caribou (*Caribou Coffee in Leesburg VA*)

I was searching around for a Caribou community and found this one. And unfortunately, I don't work at your Caribou, but I'm always fascinated to know that I have a sort of "kinship" with people across the country...

wow, I sound fucking retarded. haha. Anyway, just wanted to say hey and that I joined up.


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because i am a nerd and am killing time before my brother's graduation [11 Jun 2005|05:42pm]

according to cariboucoffee.com, our coffee coolers are NOT FAT FREE!!!!!! doesn't that suck?! you guys should check it out...unless i am a total moron and am reading it wrong (which may very well be), a medium caramel cooler has 16 grams of fat. what is up with THAT?!

EDIT: maybe it's just the whipped cream...? i dunno, i find this surprising.
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rose white, rose red, rose up in my head [01 Jun 2005|12:53pm]

i'm totally thrilled that i get to work with miss becca lee tonight AND tomorrow, AND go to big boy after work!!! even if work is totally lame, i'll have a nice, big, fattening meal to look forward to.

oooooooo and there was a funny incident yesterday with sarah and crazy whipped cream lady. it's much easier to talk about in person than to post on here, but lets just say that she claims she has receipts of all of her purchases and she is gonna report sarah to corporate headquarters. HAH!!! THAT'S RICH!!!!!

we also need to get skrizz, brittany, breena, the machine, and the bou boys on here.

AND...we need an icon for the community!! and perhaps a bou related layout, though that might be difficult and time consuming.

ok time to finish getting ready!
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[28 May 2005|11:59am]

sheesh i'm listening to the song with the longest title in the world! anywho...

just wanted to post that tonight is probably going to be really busy, and i am pretty much dreading it. why flock to the mall on a rainy saturday? stay at home and pop a movie in and just RELAX...that's what i would do.

alright time to get ready...hope i survive tonight!
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Things to bring up at the meeting: [21 May 2005|09:52pm]

Amanda, Since I know I won't be able to talk much to you before the meeting tomorrow, here is a list of things I plan to bring up to Sarah. I know you got my back and hopefully, you can think of some things to say on these issues too.

1. NEW SHIFT SUPERVISOR ASAP- One that can work weekends, especially Saturdays and one that can get trained fast!!!!!!! Also, sort of talk more in here about weekends. and how much they blow asshole.

2. Stocking- I think she should provide managers who work during the day shift with admin. time so they can get night crew stocked up...i don't know about you, but i haven't had extra time during the day to go back and stock and i know that it is just as hard to do it at night.

3. Training- I know there has been some alleged issues with Andre and whether he is "working out"...but it annoys me that we can make these judgments about someone who was never properly trained with 3 buddy shifts... like he is supposed to be!! If he doesn't work out, maybe it is just as much our fault as it is his because we didn't take the time to train him the right way.

I think those are my main issues.....Let me know if you thought of any others!

Oh and one last thing, sarah is probably going to be mad at me because she told me when i got in "if it doesn't get any busier, send mary home." hello, we were like totally busy!! and i didn't have time to even check the LCW and only managed to get mary out a 1/2 hour early as opposed to like 3 hours early. so needless to say, she will be bothered by that...but we were busy!!!!!
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Maybe I am just hormonal right now…or maybe not… [21 May 2005|01:34pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I just need to vent. I guess I have been stewing the past day about stuff at work. There are just a few things right now that are getting beyond old.

The first of those things would be weekends. I am just soooo sick of carrying all the weekends…of course with the help of my dear friend Amanda. I hate that I basically have no weekend to enjoy because I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…and if it wasn’t me this weekend, it would of course be Amanda. So heaven forbid I request off a weekend day because I know that in doing that, I am basically sealing Amanda’s fate of having to work it (and vice versa)- especially Saturdays!! Ugh. Can Sarah just get her butt moving and promote and train another shift supervisor already???? It is LONG overdue and by the time a new one is even trained, the summer will be over. Woo-frickin-hoo!! I noticed Sarah is taking the entire weekend off next week. Well good for her.

OK I know that sounds bitchy. Sarah is an awesome manager and she works very hard. I know this. We all know this. But we work hard too…and instead of being guilt-tripped into doing even more work, we should be given a break too without it affecting the schedule of other co-workers! I would love to take a weekend off without feeling bad knowing that Amanda will have to work all of it. Ugh ugh ugh. I guess I am just really hormonal right now. I know this. But, at the same time, this is an authentic problem…and one I will certainly bring up tomorrow night at our meeting.

We just NEED a new shift supervisor! Then maybe Amanda and I could have more than just one Saturday off per month or more than two Saturday nights off per month. Then maybe Amanda could go visit Greg more.

I am also annoyed by this new idea to only have one person open. Isn’t there a rule in our books that says no less than two people can be working at a time?? Are we even allowed to only have one person on??

And then there is the stocking issue…I wish my conscience would let me just ignore my obligation to helping out the next shift by leaving early rather than stocking up for the night shift. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I am sorry I sound so bitchy and ungrateful and unsatisfied and disgruntled and just plain old ugly. Give me a day or two and I will be over it. As usual. Well, time to eat and then I am off to work. I can’t wait.

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The one GREAT thing about working at the MALL is... [09 May 2005|11:45pm]

[ mood | good ]

I feel so smart. I don't know how else to say it but just that. Working at the mall makes me feel very smart. There are so many dumb ass people who also work at and occupy the mall that I just feel like I tower over them in intelligence...and I really enjoy that aspect of my job!

Tonight when someone asked me, "Where'd they move all the food to?" I wanted to respond to her: "The Westfield food fairy decided to eliminate food services at the mall because of the concern over the rising number of people in America who are obese. In fact, here at Westfield, we do not endorse food eating at all."

Which also reminds me......

tonight when breena asked a lady who was in line after her friend if she was going to order anything, she told breena no- because she was on a "liquid diet".....ummm....basically all we serve is liquid but i know that maybe that isn't obivous seeing as how our business is named "Caribou Coffee" and everything…it is a pretty ambiguous name and everything.

But all in all, tonight was a decent night…and the only irritation was of course annoying water guy. he needs to just suck a big fat one...just real quick!

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[09 May 2005|06:22pm]

i decided that i really don't like working during the day during the week. it's ok once and a while, but i am so used to working at night that it's become what i prefer. hmmmmmmm....

i guess that's it...what a lame post.

OH WAIT- bou get together on friday night, my mom is out of town!!! haha...and i am housesitting my dog, so i'm thinking...big boy and maybe a movie night?! lemme know...more details will come...
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Worst night EVER! [07 May 2005|10:59pm]

[ mood | T.O.ed ]

Seriously, I don't even think christmas could have topped how unbearably hellacious tonight was.

I am still so angry and frustrated and stressed...and I have been off of work for like an hour and a half now...probably because I have to be back there in 10 hours. sigh.

people were so rude and i just didn't understand...they are the ones who wanted to come to a packed mall during "grand opening" weekend...what did they expect?? that they wouldn't have to wait in line? to be patient and considerate of other people? are you serious????

Days like these motivate me to do WHATEVER it takes to get a job when I graduate at any cost...i don't care if that means I would be teaching in a school that has no roof or something crazy like that.

anyway, I can't believe our sales weren't higher than what they were...but probably because andre rang in 126 free coffee coupons on his drawer alone tonight!! If we had counted those coffees towards our sales I bet they would have been higher by $500 at least. I just can't believe how busy we were... i am just so tired, sore, and bitter....i don't want to go back....and i hope this crazy busy shit doesn't last forever or else i won't be able to take it. this post has no point at all........................................................................................................................................................................................time for bed...................

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[03 May 2005|05:57pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

i just noticed westfield is spelled wrong in the bio...oh well.

it has been a while since anyone has posted in here so i thought...i will do the honors!

i already talked to amanda about my day. it was a little crumby. it was probably my first time opening through the week and i just feel like i screwed up everything. but it is sorta hard to do things right when you are not told how to do them in the first place...anyway, i close thursday and i am certain it will be better since i am good at closing. i guess today was one of those days where i just felt like the worst caribou employee in the world. i am sure everyone has days like these...

as a side note, i am so sick of the food court being closed i just want to vommit. people are so confused and kept asking me about it today. this woman was really confused because she was supposed to meet her sister at coney island and seeing as how it no longer exists, she didn't know what to do. it took me like 5 minutes to explain to her what was going on...i don't know why but she just didn't get it! no one does. people are idiots.

also, i was telling amanda...i saw andre last night at 7-11...one of those random running into people moments...and i am pretty sure he was high! his eyes were all bloodshot and he was like "i had this craving for donuts!" he seemed a little out of it too....i am probably so wrong... i for some reason always think people are high...but i might just be right! i plan on asking him some day when i get the courage to. i hope i am not wrong because i don't want to spread false rumors. either way, i really don't care if he smokes. i generally tend to believe stoners are pretty funny. i also feel like i konw andre from somewhere... well anyway, that's about all. i really should start studying for my final tomorrow. oh and mary, i hope you got all your shit done. talk to you bou-mates later...that's right...i said bou-mates and i like it.

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Welcome to Hell! How may I service you? [24 Apr 2005|11:13pm]

[ mood | headachey ]

So I heard tonight that tomorrow the food court will officially be closed until the grand opening may 6th. tomorrow is also the first day we start selling sandwiches. If you can't do the math, this means hell for us and we will be so busy that we may in fact lose our minds this time...

unless one of you can assure me that this is indeed a myth and that the food court will not be closed.

If not, welcome to hell everyone. Even though I don't have to work again until Thursday, I am already dreading it. Someone will have to get me up to speed before then on if we have been slammed all week or what the deal is about the food court.

take care all and have a phenomenal week...don't go too crazy in this last week of classes.

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BECCA!!!! [22 Apr 2005|11:30am]

i had THE weirdest dream last night about mike catanzaro from novi....oh man...its so crazy, i don't think i want to type it on here cuz it'll just be weird to type, haha...i will have to call you later or something....
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[20 Apr 2005|11:31am]

thank you, reuben, for truly being a cockjerk and screwing over the machine this morning. now not only did maureen have to work all by herself for a while, which undoubtedly sucked, but now mary and i have to deal with the aftermath on top of training the new guy. AND i'm sick and have a huge project to do when i get off of work. TODAY SUCKS.
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