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three things:

1. It's not that I don't like working with ryan...he is alright and he is a cool guy...but he is SOOOO slow and again I felt like I did all the work tonight. ugh.

2. stickering is stupid!!!!!!! it took us soooo long to sticker everything tonight and everyone just kept taking the stickers off right away once they got their drinks. not to mention that every time i went out to check the mixing station, there were stickers EVERYWHERE!

3. on a better note, the hot guy from dead sea salt kiosk came by and i started making his espresso for him as usual and he says, "Oh no, I just need water" (here comes the good part) and then he said "i got my espresso earlier today but it wasn't as good as usual. i think it was because you didn't make it. you always make it good." said hot guy with a cute smile. oh it was nice. and i know he flirts with like everyone and he probably has said that same thing to everyone else before...but it was still nice and made me all googly-eyed...
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