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The one GREAT thing about working at the MALL is...

I feel so smart. I don't know how else to say it but just that. Working at the mall makes me feel very smart. There are so many dumb ass people who also work at and occupy the mall that I just feel like I tower over them in intelligence...and I really enjoy that aspect of my job!

Tonight when someone asked me, "Where'd they move all the food to?" I wanted to respond to her: "The Westfield food fairy decided to eliminate food services at the mall because of the concern over the rising number of people in America who are obese. In fact, here at Westfield, we do not endorse food eating at all."

Which also reminds me......

tonight when breena asked a lady who was in line after her friend if she was going to order anything, she told breena no- because she was on a "liquid diet".....ummm....basically all we serve is liquid but i know that maybe that isn't obivous seeing as how our business is named "Caribou Coffee" and everything…it is a pretty ambiguous name and everything.

But all in all, tonight was a decent night…and the only irritation was of course annoying water guy. he needs to just suck a big fat one...just real quick!
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