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Things to bring up at the meeting:

Amanda, Since I know I won't be able to talk much to you before the meeting tomorrow, here is a list of things I plan to bring up to Sarah. I know you got my back and hopefully, you can think of some things to say on these issues too.

1. NEW SHIFT SUPERVISOR ASAP- One that can work weekends, especially Saturdays and one that can get trained fast!!!!!!! Also, sort of talk more in here about weekends. and how much they blow asshole.

2. Stocking- I think she should provide managers who work during the day shift with admin. time so they can get night crew stocked up...i don't know about you, but i haven't had extra time during the day to go back and stock and i know that it is just as hard to do it at night.

3. Training- I know there has been some alleged issues with Andre and whether he is "working out"...but it annoys me that we can make these judgments about someone who was never properly trained with 3 buddy shifts... like he is supposed to be!! If he doesn't work out, maybe it is just as much our fault as it is his because we didn't take the time to train him the right way.

I think those are my main issues.....Let me know if you thought of any others!

Oh and one last thing, sarah is probably going to be mad at me because she told me when i got in "if it doesn't get any busier, send mary home." hello, we were like totally busy!! and i didn't have time to even check the LCW and only managed to get mary out a 1/2 hour early as opposed to like 3 hours early. so needless to say, she will be bothered by that...but we were busy!!!!!
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