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rose white, rose red, rose up in my head

i'm totally thrilled that i get to work with miss becca lee tonight AND tomorrow, AND go to big boy after work!!! even if work is totally lame, i'll have a nice, big, fattening meal to look forward to.

oooooooo and there was a funny incident yesterday with sarah and crazy whipped cream lady. it's much easier to talk about in person than to post on here, but lets just say that she claims she has receipts of all of her purchases and she is gonna report sarah to corporate headquarters. HAH!!! THAT'S RICH!!!!!

we also need to get skrizz, brittany, breena, the machine, and the bou boys on here.

AND...we need an icon for the community!! and perhaps a bou related layout, though that might be difficult and time consuming.

ok time to finish getting ready!
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