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not much to say but same old, same old...

i haven't posted in a why not???

tonight at work was fine. some highlights:
- we weren't very busy (or at least didn't seem too bad)...even though sales were higher this tuesday than last tuesday...but closing with sarah was a little boring.
- sarah bought me subway for dinner. yum.
- we sold 55 coolers per 100 customers today...duh!
- we took first place again in the cooler contest for last week...duh!
(who cares- right??)
- someone stole our fake (not real) oreo snowdrift model. finally...i have been waiting for that to happen.
- that's about all.... again, it was boring.

well i guess i am going to end this dreadfully boring entry. have a great night all. alas, a day off tomorrow...that makes me smile!!!
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